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Announcing the release of our *NEW* Mini Cam for 2" Lines!

See it now along with our latest promos on the Promotions tab under the products menu!
At Vu-Rite, we have 2 different models of sewer inspection cameras that can be customized to meet your specific needs!
Our Newest Model: C150-T II-M and
C200-T ll-M
Standard Features on all models:
  • 2 lengths of pushrods to choose from
  • Full Color Camera
  • 512 Hz Transmitter
  • Owner replaceable lens and lens cover
Optional Accessories Available for all models
  • Receivers - Analog or Digital
  • Choice of recording options available with any camera
  • Optional Battery Pack for power back up
  • Video glasses

We strive to provide the fastest service and the shortest downtime in the industry!
Interchangeable cage, push-rod and camera head assembly
Removable and extendable wheels
Removable handle for easier maneuvering
Side reeling for confined spaces
Extendable or removable "feet" with pads
Digital voice over/narration capabilities
Full color sewer inspection camera
Changeable accessories with a
push of a button - "it's a snap"

There are no hidden costs or restrictions on our NO HASSLE two-year warranty!

EASYCAM "Original Style" Camera Repairs:  If you own an EasyCam "original style" sewer inspection camera that was purchased prior to June, 2010, our service center can repair your camera.  Vu-Rite is owned and operated by the inventor of the "original style" EasyCam sewer inspection camera.  He has knowlege and parts available to complete any needed repairs.
VU-Rite Video Inspection Cameras, LLC - Continuing to provide affordable, quality video sewer inspection camera systems and accessories for plumbing, HVAC, chimney and other related industries!                                               
If you can change a tire, you can turn our new camera into three cameras at a fraction of the cost!
With every VU-Rite video sewer inspection camera system
and accessory we manufacture, we ensure your complete satisfaction!
Let us make your video sewer inspection camera purchase simple and worry free! We treat each customer the way we want to be treated!


VU-Rite is the proud manufacturer of quality video sewer inspection camera systems. It is our goal to provide durable, quality video inspection camera systems that can be used for many different purposes: sewer inspections, HVAC/Air Duct inspections, chimney inspections and pipe inspections just to name a few. Each of our modular, full color video inspection camera system comes with a Friendly, NO HASSLE 2-year warranty and is affordably priced! Take a look at our Products page to find a system that meets your needs. We can customize an affordable package for you today and have your camera system in your hands tomorrow.


VU-Rite is located at:

Sales and Customer Service:

313 W. Main Blvd
Church Hill, TN 37642

Repair & Manufacturing Facility:

8112 Cypress Dr. North
Ft. Myers, FL 33967

Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM EST.

By Telephone:
(423) 349-4300
(423) 256-3063
Fax: (423) 256-3064
Tech Support: (423) 256-3065

By email:


All Sales are Final.  No Refunds or Exchanges.


Video inspection systems and sewer inspections in USA

VU-Rite video inspection systems offering affordable video inspection systems, video sewer inspections, chimney inspections and more. A full color video inspection camera system for the best inspections. More information on our website in USA.


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